Charlotte Peltz has been training dogs since 1989. She is a member of IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants), and continues her ongoing training with conferences, e-mail lists for trainers, books and videos.

The methods of training she uses are purely positive and motivational and are non-threatening to dogs and their owners. Group classes are available for puppies and adults with the goal of having well-mannered companions.

Advanced classes teach retrieving, jumping and competitive obedience exercises at all levels: novice, open, and utility. Behavior problems such as jumping, food guarding, nipping, aggression, and housebreaking are all issues that can be resolved with positive training methods and are most often dealt with in private classes. Growing in popularity is the positive training method that is called "clicker" training. Great fun and it works!

Group sessions are currently held at Redway Feed on Thursdays at 11 AM. Rates are $15/dog. Private sessions are available, at your home or at Charlotte's, for $30/hour. Appointments can be made by emailing charlotte at charpeltz dot com.

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